The Winter/Spring programs offered by Arizona Disabled Sports (AzDS) include track, field, archery, swimming, air gun, power soccer, and junior wheelchair basketball.

Program Fees are as followed: (Revised: 08.2016)

  • $50 for 1 sport
  • $65 for 2 sports
  • $80 for 3 sports or more.
*Veteran scholarships available for archery and/or air gun programs. Please contact for the promo code.*

No refunds can be given for dates missed or forgotten. Requests for refunds will be accepted during the 1st scheduled practice only.

REGISTRATION DIRECTIONS: Please select the athlete's primary sport above and various combos of the available adaptive sports will be listed. If the athlete wishes to participate in three sports or more, please click on the "TriSport" option.

To return to the Arizona Disabled Sports homepage, please click on "AZDS."

All registration questions or scholarship information can be directed to the office at 480.835.6273 or the Program Supervisor at Programs@ArizonaDisabledSports.comĀ 

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